Recycled and recyclable materials: the future

Recycled and recyclable materials: the future

Discover Danor: Italian eyewear manufacturer

Sunglasses, especially when built with accuracy and good taste, are accessories meant to last forever, passing through the years and the trends. It’s good to know, however, that they can be manufactured with materials that are recycled, and recyclable again!

For some time now Danor, one of the most traditional Italian eyewear manufacturers, decided to inject in its molds a variety of green materials.

An example? Thanks to the partnership with Aquafil, we have the pleasure to employ specific regenerated nylon coming from the cleaning of seas and oceans, a choice that makes us one of the most sustainable Italian eyewear manufacturers.

Another material is the one we like to define as “vegan”, that is to say, a type of bio-resin composed 65% by substances like castor oil, and produced emitting 40% less CO2 than its petrochemical counterparties.

It’s for sure a great value added to brands looking for a partnership with an Italian eyewear manufacturer: the prestige of Made in Italy together with the commitment to pursue sustainability are important leverages when it comes to promoting a fashion product.

Moreover, choosing Danor means being able to realize all your projects following proprietary designs, but also implies the possibility to select the models you like the most from our huge selection of existing sunglasses.

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